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I'm Running A Marathon For Marine Life

Our oceans and their inhabitants need our protection now more than ever, I want to raise money to help keep Sea Shepherd fighting the good fight on the water via direct action and defending the ecosystems that our planet relies on.

Campaigns include fighting against illegal fishing, whaling, poaching, shark finning and protecting endangered species such as loggerhead sea turtles and the vaquita porpoise. They are doing vital work to defend wildlife and protect and conserve our oceans.

So, in October this year, I am running my first ever marathon - The Loch Ness Marathon - and it would mean so much if I knew that my efforts were not only achieving a personal goal (I have never run further than a half marahon distance) but raising valuable funds for Sea Shepherd that will go towards funding their campaigns - paying for fuel, equipment and supplies for each mission.

Any amount you can donate would be hugely appreciated and I will be flying the Sea Shepherd flag as I run.



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Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit marine conservation movement using innovative tactics and direct action to defend, conserve and protect the world's oceans and marine wildlife. Founded by Paul Watson in 1977, today Sea Shepherd is a worldwide movement, with independent national and regional entities in over 20 countries united by a common mission through Amsterdam-based Sea Shepherd Global. Learn more at