Nienke Stokkermans

Gift to our Oceans

We happen to be creatures living on the land, but that doesn't mean we don't need the waters. The ocean is home to much of earth's life, and its ecosystems are important to us too. Did you know that the ocean produces 70% of the oxygen you breathe?

Yet, the ocean and its inhabitants are dying from overfishing and habitat destruction. Sea Shepherd's mission is to protect defenseless marine wildlife and end the destruction of habitats. They take action to defend, conserve and protect the delicately-balanced biodiversity of our seas and enforce international conservation laws.

I've had the pleasure of walking this earth for nearly 20 years now, I would love to give something back to it.

For my birthday I'm asking small donations to help Sea Shepherd on their mission.



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Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit marine conservation movement using innovative tactics and direct action to defend, conserve and protect the world's oceans and marine wildlife. Founded by Paul Watson in 1977, today Sea Shepherd is a worldwide movement, with independent national and regional entities in over 20 countries united by a common mission through Amsterdam-based Sea Shepherd Global. Learn more at