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Ever since I was a little girl my dad took me and my brother to the beach. When we got bored my dad told us to clean the beach. From that day on, me and my brother were cleaning the beach almost every day, and in exchange we got a popsicle or sandwich. Now I'm 21 and the beach is still my favourite place to go. Every beach I walk on is usually covered with plastic waste and even though I do my best to keep it clean, many people don't.

At this moment I'm planning a closet sale at one of my favourite beach clubs in The Netherlands. Me and many friends are donating clothes that can be bought. This way we can raise money for Sea Shepherd and we can teach people about the benefits of buying second hand clothing. All of the proceeds that are made that day will go to Sea Shepherd. Other donations are welcome as well!

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01-07-2019 | 10:13 I started the fundraiser and at the closetsale we collected 800 euro's for sea shepherd.