Setting Up Your Page

Thanks for joining our Vegan for the Ocean challenge! 

Now that you've successfully signed up, you can go ahead and edit your page to include your recipe, photos, and a short personal message to explain why you've decided to support Sea Shepherd's mission.

To edit your page, just click on the grey "Edit Page" button on the bottom right of your page (make sure you're logged in, or you won't see your button):

Then, just click on "My Fundraising Page" and "Motivation":

That brings you to your edit window where you can add your text and photos, and even a video if you prefer:

This is where you can personalize your page to convince your friends and family to try your delicious vegan recipe! Don't forget to remind them that all donations go towards Sea Shepherd's direct-action campaigns to stop illegal fishing. :-) 

Then save your changes and start sharing your awesome recipe!

If you're having any trouble setting up your page, don't hesitate to contact us here at Sea Shepherd Global headquarters: