Adventures are Waiting!

03-11-2017 | 14:36

Are you dying for an adventure but can't get away? Let Chris and me take you on our journey across the world to Asia, where we'll be teaching SCUBA diving and marine conservation. Our trip plans include both Thailand and Indonesia this year, and we plan to explore by all means of travel to unique and remote destinations. Along the way, we'll meet people from many different cultures, as both Thailand and Indonesia have tremendous ethnic diversity. Below the sea, we'll explore coral reefs, ship wrecks, and deep waters in hopes of spotting those precious marine animals like mola mola, hammer head sharks, and if we're lucky, marine mammals like dolphins! 

Stay tuned via our Facebook page . We will update directly to the page our rough adventure videos from both dry land and in the sea. You won't want to miss it, and our contributors will be top on our list for small, local, artisinal gifts from our trips.

Thank you for your contribution to Sea Shepherd and for Liking our page. 

We look forward to sharing our upcoming adventure with you.

Halie & Chris
Adventure Junkies and Wannabe Sea Shepherd Warriors