For the Oceans!

For the Oceans!
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We live on the most incredible planet and yet we abuse it!

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26-05-2019 | 09:54
18-05-2019 | 22:38 Omdat het helaas nodig is om te doneren !! En hoop dat er nog wat over blijft van de natuur op de wereld zodat er nog iets over blijf voor de kinderen van nu
07-04-2019 | 21:01 You're doing a very good job!!! Perhaps in the future I may join you, but in the meantime I make this small donation.
22-03-2019 | 10:39 Mother Earth gives everything To us humans, but she’s going under if we not realize she is everything we have...
02-02-2019 | 13:53 We, as a species do not own this planet, instead we share this planet with other species!